Disaster Movie DVD Review

DisasterMovieSquareThere’s grounds for a class action lawsuit here – or at least a Trading Standards investigation, into the marketing of this as a comedy. As with its unfunny predecessors Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans, the aptly-named Disaster Movie has no jokes, per se; instead, it spends all scanty seventy-five minutes of its running time trotting out a parade of low-rent ‘actors’ playing dress-up in the costumes of characters from the year’s films, whereupon everyone present says “It’s [insert name of character]!” for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t recognize the costume. Err… that’s it. Perhaps this entire shoddy film series (Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, etc) will some day be revealed as a Dada-inspired exercise in anti-comedy – in which case, the directors deserves the Turner Prize. Is there such thing as a no-star review?

DVD EXTRAS: Mercifully none.


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