The Complete Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray Review

MatrixBDSetSquareA decade ago, The Matrix was the fledgling DVD format’s killer app, a reason to upgrade; here, all three films are presented in 1080p HD with Dolby TrueHD surround sound, but whether or not the film looks substantially better on Blu-ray depends on your player’s capacity to upgrade existing DVD copies, which were already digitally mastered in hi-def and look pretty darned slick.

DVD EXTRAS: Impressively, almost all of the exhaustive extras from the Ultimate Edition are squeezed onto the set’s three discs. Best of the new features is the picture-in-picture ‘In Movie Experience’, a kind of scene-specific, Brodie’s Notes version of the extras, encoded within the films themselves, viewable as you go along – an excellent way of getting through most of the extras without taking a week off work.


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