The Proposition Blu-ray Review

PropositionSquareIt’s hard to pick a standout performance from the extraordinary ensemble cast – Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Emily Watson and Danny Huston – of this tale of treachery in turn-of-the-century Australia. The true star of this rich HD transfer, however, is Benoit Delhomme’s cinematography, its beauty counterpointing the brutality of Nick Cave’s script, which is every bit as lean as the sinewy outlaw (Pearce) forced to hunt down and kill one of his brothers (Huston) in order to save the other (Richard Burns) – a premise as morally ambiguous as most of the characters that populate it, and as unforgiving as the landscape against which the story is set.

DVD EXTRAS: Despite the lack of a commentary, a half-hour standard-def ‘making of’, which interviews all of the principals, covers all the bases.


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