Dark City Director’s Cut Blu-ray Review


A perfectionist’s transfer makes Alex Proyas’ tale of an amnesiac (Rufus Sewell) adrift in a sleeping city controlled by sinister aliens in long black coats worth revisiting again and again. The film’s influences on everything from The Matrix to hit video game Bio-Shock are as obvious as Proyas’ own forebears (Kafka, Lang, Gilliam), and a disappointingly conventional ending does little to diminish the power of one of the most underseen and underrated movies of the 1990s.

EXTRAS: The theatrical and (subtly different, yet superior) director’s cuts are included, along with handy comparison fact track, multiple commentaries and an amateurish but enlightening feature-length documentary. A comparison with Metropolis and an enthusiastic Neil Gaiman interview round out a stunningly comprehensive package.


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