Jerry Maguire Blu-ray Review

JerryMaguireSquareTom Cruise’s career took an interesting turn when he agreed to star in Cameron Crowe’s unclassifiable confection, romantic-comedy drama heavily influenced by the late, great Billy Wilder. Cuba Gooding Jr won an Oscar, but Cruise (who was nominated) arguably deserved it more for a fearless turn as the eponymous sports agent who loses everything except one client (Gooding Jr), but finds love with a single mom (Renee Zellweger). The so-so HD transfer, however, lost us at ‘hello.’

EXTRAS: The highlight of the 2-disc standard-def edition, a boisterous video commentary with Crowe, Cruise, Gooding Jr and Zellweger, is mysteriously absent from this edition, though the audio equivalent remains. All the other extras from the previous edition are in place, however, including director-comnentated deleted scenes, rehearsal footage, Bruce Springsteen music video, original ‘making of’, and much more.


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