The Untouchables Blu-ray Review

UntouchablesSquareBrian De Palma’s update of the earnest ‘50s TV show, detailing boy scout treasury agent Eliot Ness’s battle with Prohibition-era bootleggers, made a star of Kevin Costner, and scored an Oscar for Sean Connery as the ageing Irish beat cop who tells Ness how to get Capone. There’s much to enjoy, especially in crisp HD and 5.1/6.1 sound: David Mamet’s hard-boiled script, De Palma’s assured direction, Ennio Morricone’s score, Robert De Niro’s Capone – all are equally untouchable.

EXTRAS: A four-part, hour-long retrospective documentary cleverly combines new interviews (De Palma, Andy Garcia, Charles Martin Smith, producer Art Linson) with original press kit materials (including interviews with Costner and Connery), to explore the unapologetically populist take on a classic tale of good versus evil. The original 1987 ‘making of’ is also included, but something about the real Ness and Capone would have been welcome.


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