Death Proof Blu-ray Review

DeathProofSquareIf Grindhouse was homework, Robert Rodriguez deserved a ‘B’ – appropriate for a B-movie pastiche – while Quentin Tarantino would have earned a disappointed ‘Can do better’ for his talky tale of a serial killer (Kurt Russell) running down hot women in a souped-up Chevy. In a cut extended to two hours, the climactic, CG-free car chase is a long time coming, and barely worth the wait. One upside: QT delivers a customary killer soundtrack.

EXTRAS: Despite the lack of commentary, or any Blu-ray exclusives, Death Proof comes fully loaded, with extended music cues, featurettes introducing the cast, characters and stunt drivers – including the legendary Buddy Joe Hooker and stuntwoman-turned-actress Zoe Bell – and a ‘tribute’ to Tarantino’s ‘greatest collaborator’, editor Sally Menke which runs all of four minutes. It all adds up to very little – much like the feature itself.


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Empire and Time Out film critic, screenwriter of award-winning drama "Where the Road Runs Out", and MD of movie marketing agency Synchronicity, and author of books about Kubrick, Lynch and films that were never made.

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