Planet Terror Blu-ray Review

PlanetTerrorSquareBefore Grindhouse was cleft in twain, Robert Rodriguez’s mad zombie exploitation flick was supposed to be the B-feature to Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Forcibly detached from its conjoined twin, however, it’s by far the most fun, with new ideas, each more insane than the last, coming at roughly the rate of machine-gun fire. Grab some buddies and some brewskis, sit back, and enjoy: the sheer inventive exuberance is as infectious as a toxic bio-weapon.

EXTRAS: With so many extras, it’s a wonder Rodriguez had time to make the movie: there’s commentary, his customary ‘10 Minute Movie School’, plus hugely entertaining featurettes, offering such insights as how Rodriguez filmed extra scenes for his young son, Rebel, so he’d never know he was killed early in the film, and how his babysitters, doctor, and estate agent all ended up getting juicy supporting roles


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