Sin City: 2-Disc Re-Cut & Extended Edition Blu-ray review

SinCitySquareRobert Rodriguez’s virtuoso adaptation of Frank Miller’s dark-as-balls graphic novels is what Blu-ray was made for, and here you get the theatrical and the more satisfying extended/re-cut edition (in real terms, 7 minutes longer) which presents the stories as individual episodes.

EXTRAS: All bonus content from the standard-def edition are here, including commentaries by Rodriguez, Miller and ‘guest director’ Quentin Tarantino, a dozen featurettes, Rodriguez’s 15-Minute Film School and 10-Minute Cooking School, a live performance by Bruce Willis’ band (in HD) and extraordinary ‘all green screen’ version (the entire film without the effects). Plus a couple of Blu-ray exclusives: a picture-in-picture feature combining Rodriguez/Miller commentary, comic book panels and green screen effects, and a fun interactive comic book based on Kill ‘Em Good (the Mickey Rourke chapter). A must buy.


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