Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 1 Blu-ray review

StarTrekTOS1SquareBoldly go where only HD-DVD has gone before, and see how it all really began, as all 29 first series episodes of ‘classic Trek’ get an extreme makeover. Picture and sound are re-engineered to near-perfection (you can actually see the Vaseline smeared on the camera on female close-ups), while special effects get a subtle, well-judged CG upgrade. Original versions with unenhanced effects and mono soundtracks are also included.

EXTRAS: The 8-disc set comes packed with more features than a tricorder, including new interactive data files on classic episodes such as “The Menagerie” and “Balance of Terror”, an Enterprise tour, home movies, featurettes, back stories, and a guide to the digital enhancements made for the series’ HD debut. Sure, it’s expensive: but this is God’s gift to Trekkers.


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