The Big Blue Blu-ray Review

BigBlueSquareLike Jerry Lewis, The Big Blue was unfathomably huge in writer-director Luc Besson’s native France; the rest of us may find it resistible – the big bleah. Enzo (Jean Reno) and Jacques (Jean-Marc Barr) are the spiritual brothers whose childhood fascination with the sea grows into an adult obsession, with attempts to break each other’s free-diving records. Jacques’ poorly-dubbed girlfriend (Rosanna Arquette) looks on helplessly as Jacques sleeps with the fishes – and not in a mafia kind of way. That said, the film’s many fans will be delighted at the shimmering spectacle of the haute definition transfer of both the original (132 mins) and extended editions (168 mins).

EXTRAS: Optimum dredges up the original feature-length ‘making of’, but the scratchy print looks like it’s been under water for the past two decades.


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