Skeletons (Empire review)

SkeletonsSquare“Absurdist comedy” is a description which rarely inspires confidence, probably because it’s so difficult to get right. In adapting his series of short films, concerning a pair of ‘existential exorcists’ who literally remove the skeletons from their clients’ closets, writer-director Nick Whitfield almost pulls it off, assisted in no small part by his brother Simon’s beautifully integrated, gypsy-flavoured folk music. The leading roles would have suited a well-known TV double act – Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, say; instead, we get Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley (Extras’ thick northerner Gobbler), plus a generous supporting turn from Jason Isaacs. Their sympathetic performances lend credibility to the unashamedly out-there subject matter, and if the word “whimsical” doesn’t send you running for the hills, you may find Skeletons as strangely affecting as it is strange.


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