Just Do It (Empire review)

justdoitsquareThe world of environmental direct action is, by necessity, a secretive and clandestine one, much maligned and misunderstood – not least because of unsympathetic media coverage. This insider’s view of such household name groups as Climate Camp and Plane Stupid is, therefore, extremely welcome. Crowd-funded, and constructed with a suitably home-brewed, anarchistic vibe, the film contextualizes various direct actions by activists, affinity groups and supporters, giving voice to the other side of a frequently misrepresented cause. Current enough to cover the unlawful death of Ian Tomlinson during the G8 protest – but not, sadly, revelations about infiltration by undercover police – the film features some scary footage of the state’s ‘bully boy’ tactics, and the protestors’ inspired strategies to flummox them, in order to make their point. Rousing stuff.


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