The Flaw (Empire review)

TheFlawSquareA game attempt to make sense of the global financial crisis, the latest film from British documentary maker Sington (In the Shadow of the Moon) takes its title from the understatement of the century: former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s admission to having “found a flaw” in his ‘deregulate to accumulate’ economic ideology, which fed US policy between Bush Jr.’s election in 2000 to the 2008 global meltdown. Like Greenspan as the banks toppled like monolithic dominoes, Sington seems out of his depth amid the complex machinations and deliberate obfuscations of the financial sector, and although it offers some intriguing statistics, the film lacks the focus, understanding and insight of Inside Job – or even, frankly, the end credits of The Other Guys.


About David Hughes: Published Work

Empire and Time Out film critic, screenwriter of award-winning drama "Where the Road Runs Out", and MD of movie marketing agency Synchronicity, and author of books about Kubrick, Lynch and films that were never made.

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