The Art of Rap: Something from Nothing (★★★★ Review)

ArtofRapSquareLet me tell you of a brand new movie
A kind of hip hop/rap documentary
Made by Ice-T, a straight-up O.G.
Obviously he knows the territory

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap
A little clunky but the title’s apt
It don’t care about gangs and gats
The bitches the bling the money and all of that

It’s single minded, its purpose is plain:
To find the art at the heart of the rap game
Who started it, who are the key names
Exploring the story, the glory, the fame

From back in the Bronx where it all began
Grandmaster Flash and the The Sugarhill Gang
A lot of interviews, arty city views
No archive footage – all the shit is new

The cast list reads like a hip hop who’s who
Old school to new blood, it’s the whole crew
Melle Mel, Eminem, Run and DMC
Doug E Fresh, Dre, Ice Cube and Chuck D

Q-Tip, Nas, Rakim and Redman
Kanye West, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, KRS-1
In the studio, on the city streets
Live rapping, sometimes no beats

They get to name their heroes and idols
And throw down some old school rap recitals
I thought it was really well done
A 4-star film if ever there was one

My recommendation has a caveat:
I’ve got a lot of love for rap
I’ve been a fan for 30 years
Since “The Message” first reached my ears

Then Public Enemy, N.W.A.
Ice-T, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre
More recently, Kanye West, Jay-Z
And Eminem never cease to amaze me

But though you may not personally rate it
Shit, some of you might even hate it
By the end I feel sure you’ll agree
Hip hop has artistic validity

Forget the battles, the feuds, the crime
Ice goes to the roots, the heart, the rhyme
Take it from me, cos I aint bluffing
See The Art of Rap: Something from Nothing. ★★★★


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