In Your Hands (Contre-Toi) (★★★★ Empire review)

InYourHandsSquareIf every action has an equal and opposite reaction, it’s entirely possible that an equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome exists, in which a kidnapper might become infatuated with his victim. Surgeon Anna Cooper (Kristin Scott Thomas) is abducted by the grieving widower (Pio Marmaï) of a woman who died during a routine Caesarian operation which she performed. From this simple premise, writer-director Lola Doillon weaves an intricate thriller, as abductor and abductee form a peculiar folie a deux, their relationship growing in complexity and strangeness. The fact that it never stretches credibility is due in part to the two convincing central performances, although Doillon’s sure handling of difficult material is equally impressive. The absence of a third act makes this a brief but astute examination of the complexities of human affairs, which could be seen as analogous to many an abusive relationship. ★★★★


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