A Few Best Men (★★ Empire review)

FewBestMenSquareAustralia’s entry into the wouldn’t-it-be-nice-to-make-the-next-Hangover club follows three British lads out to Australia to share Best Man duties at the whirlwind wedding of their friend (Xavier Samuel, aka Riley from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) to a rich politician’s daughter (Laura Brent). As is customary in this kind of film, things go horribly, scatalogically wrong – without, alas, the required ‘hilarious consequences’. Writer Dean Craig, who previously scripted Death at a Funeral, fails to find much humour at the wedding, despite the most contrived comedy situations (A man with a Hitler moustache! Olivia Newton-John on coke! A sheep… wearing lipstick!). The British lads (notably the BT ads’ Kris Marshall) are game enough, but the lead performances are risible, and the tone is arch even by the standards of Stephan Elliott, director of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. A blunder from Down Under. ★★


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