Friends With Kids (★★ Empire DVD Review)

FriendsKidsSquareA Rizla-thin line separates the plots of modern rom-coms, so after Friends with Benefits (friends become lovers) and Life As We Know It (a couple inherit their friends’ kid), comes Friends with Kids, in which two Platonic pals (Jennifer Westfeldt and Adam Scott) decide to have a child together, on the basis that they both want a baby but haven’t yet found “the one”. For her first film as writer/director/star, Westfeldt has assembled an impressive cast, including Edward Burns, Megan Fox and no fewer than four Bridesmaids alumni (Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd and Jon Hamm). And if, half way through, you’re wondering how such a paint-by-numbers script attracted such phosphorescent talent, particularly in such fart-catching roles, remember that Westfeldt’s most famous credit is as Jon Hamm’s longtime companion, and that Hamm – who also produced – may have incredible powers of persuasion. Friends With kids has its moments, but Westfeldt simply doesn’t have the comedy chops to carry a film, either as writer, director or star, or the magnanimity to give the genuinely funny people in her film anything remotely amusing to do. If you’re waiting for a Bridesmaids reunion, keep holding out for Bridesmaids 2. ★★

EXTRAS The audio commentary with Westfeldt and Hamm sounds promising – until you listen to it, and realise it’s just giggly, inane waffle about whether Westfeldt’s shoes hurt her on a particular shooting day. The other promised goodies all turn out to be much the same thing: unfunny outtakes (including a montage of Megan Fox pretending to play video games) with (mercifully optional) Westfeldt wittering. ★★


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