Arbitrage (★★★★ Empire Review)

ArbitrageSquarePLOT With the company he spent his life building about to be sold, the world of one-percenter Robert Miller (Gere) is about to come crashing down around his ears.

On the eve of his 60th birthday, hedge fund mogul Robert Miller (Richard Gere) tries desperately to conceal accounting irregularities from his company’s buyers, an accidental death from the cops (Tim Roth) and an infidelity from his wife (Susan Sarandon). It’s a classy affair (the film, not the infidelity), and an auspicious debut from writer-director Nicholas Jarecki, and it’s a testament to Gere’s finely-tuned performance (and, perhaps, his residual star power) that Miller remains sympathetic throughout the unfolding drama, despite the many mistakes he has made, and the casual cruelties his God-given sense of entitlement leads him to inflict on the people around him, including those he loves.

VERDICT Jarecki’s drama never quite becomes the thriller it might have been, but it’s written with subtlety and insight, and anchored by Gere’s Golden Globe-nominated performance. ★★★★


About David Hughes: Published Work

Empire and Time Out film critic, screenwriter of award-winning drama "Where the Road Runs Out", and MD of movie marketing agency Synchronicity, and author of books about Kubrick, Lynch and films that were never made.

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