The Last Stand (★★ Empire US iPad DVD/Blu-ray Review)

LastStandSquareOn September 10th 2001, the trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new action film, Collateral Damage, was playing in cinemas across the U.S., featuring the hijacking of a commercial airliner, and a major terrorist attack on an American city. The events of September 11th made Collateral Damage, which was postponed and re-edited, seem like the most spectacularly mis-timed movie of all time. Until now. And so into the middle of the raging gun debate swaggers – or blunders – Arnold Schwarzenegger, getting lost on the comeback trail with a humorless, weapon-worshipping showcase of old-school violence. It’s a pity, because there’s the germ of a decent idea here, and Arnie is on good form as an over-the-hill cop who finds that his one-horse town is the last stop on a drug kingpin’s daring escape to Mexico. ★★


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