Empire On Demand (April 2014)

IronManThreeSquareIRON MAN 3
Sky Movies
Available Now / 2013 / Cert 12
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was pretty good, witty in a self-conscious sort of way, but nothing in the last cinematic pairing of writer-director Shane Black and Robert Downey Jr suggested that Black’s threequel would bounce back so emphatically after the disappointing Iron Man 2. Vulnerability suits Downey’s Stark, but even as he hits rock bottom, his natural disposition means that the film never stops entertaining, with Black giving us an unbelievable amount of bang for our buck, and an inspired (if somewhat controversial) rendering of the villainous Mandarin (Ben Kingsley). ★★★★

Amazon Prime Instant Video
Available Now / 2011 / Cert 15
Before Richard Curtis tackled time travel, Woody Allen sent Owen Wilson’s script doctor and aspirant novelist back in time to 1920s Paris, for a delightfully disarming fantasy in which he encounters such literary luminaries as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and T.S. Eliot in the City of Light. ★★★★

Available Now / 2014 / Cert 15

Revolution is a messy, chaotic and often bloody business, and the Tahrir Square protests that deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak were no different. This stirring, starkly immersive Oscar nominee documents the ‘Arab Spring’ uprising and its bloody aftermath from the point of view of those at ground zero. ★★★★

Sky Movies
Available Now / 2013 / Cert U

Pixar’s ‘When Mike Met Sulley’ prequel is not quite the equal of the studio’s original 2001 monster mash, but there’s fun to be had watching the campus antics of monsters-in-training Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) as they compete in the Scary Games, presided over by a fearsome Dean (Helen Mirren). ★★★★

Available Now / 2014 / Cert TBC

For this Netflix Original about Mormon presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, Greg Whiteley was given unprecedented access to the candidate and his family, from the earliest discussions about his potential candidacy, throughout his run against the incumbent, Barack Obama, all the way to his concession speech in 2012. ★★★

Available Now / 1997 / Cert 15

Then-unknown Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won Oscars for their sensational script about a troubled genius mathematician with mental health issues, but they’re equally on form in the roles they wrote for themselves, with Robin Williams lending memorable support as a psychiatrist with troubles of his own. ★★★★

Amazon Prime Instant Video
Available Now / 2013 / Cert 15

“Too much of a good thing is wonderful,” declared Liberace (Michael Douglas), the subject of Steven Soderbergh’s lavish, HBO-funded portrait of the superstar pianist, seen through the eyes of his live-in lover Scott Thorson (Matt Damon), on whose memoir Richard LaGravanese’s scintillating script is based. ★★★★

Available Now / 1955 / Cert PG

Hitchcock was at his most playful in this light, frothy tale of a former jewel thief (Cary Grant), living out his retirement in the French Riviera, who teams up with an oil heiress (a luminous Grace Kelly) to solve a series of cat burglaries of which he is suspected. ★★★★

Amazon Prime Instant Video
From December 12th / 2013 / Cert 15

Ryan Gosling smoulders as a fairground stunt rider who robs banks on a motorcycle, putting him on a collision course with a local cop (Bradley Cooper). Despite its small-town setting and small-time characters, Derek Cianfrance’s follow-up to Blue Valentine has a deceptively epic ambition. ★★★★

Available Now / 2010 / Cert 12

Horror-only streaming platform The Horror Show’s first documentary is this exhaustive (and, at four hours, exhausting) look back at the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, with Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp and Renny Harlin among those on hand to share their memories. ★★★★

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