Brick Mansions (Empire Review)

BrickMansionsSquarePLOT In a walled-off Detroit housing project, an undercover cop (Walker) and an ex-con (Belle) must try to prevent the detonation of a stolen neutron bomb.

The best thing about Luc Besson-scripted District 13 was parkour practitioner David Belle, and a decade later he’s back (his heavy accent clumsily overdubbed) in the belated American remake, one of the late Paul Walker’s final films. The action has moved from a walled-off Parisian housing project to a Detroit equivalent, where Walker’s undercover cop struggles to prevent a neutron bomb (how quaint!) from detonating downtown. Fans of the original will feel at home in Brick Mansions – it’s damn near to shot for shot – but Delamarre’s lead-footed direction and too few parkour scenes (which many will have come for) prevent it taking off.

VERDICT Too much muscle-headed action, too little parkour (Belle is getting on a bit) – this property is condemned. ★★


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