Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For (★★★ Empire DVD/Blu Review)

SinCity2SquareDigitally ground-breaking, visually arresting, morally bankrupt: yes, nine years after Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller brought some of Miller’s ’21st century noir’ comic books to life (well, nearly – a lot of it still looked pretty graphic novel-y), the denizens of Basin City are back, with the same mostly-monochromatic colour palette, more of the old ultra-violence, and the year’s best cast (Rourke! Willis! Gordon-Levitt! Green! Brolin! Liotta! Alba! Err… Gaga!).

Second time around, the comic book feel is pushed even further, especially in the 3D sequences (which come across well at home), and the two tales Miller created exclusively for the film mesh perfectly with the adapted stories. It doesn’t quite match the cracked brilliance of the original, which had better stories and ‘the shock of the new’ in its favour (also: Clive Owen and Michael Clarke Duncan, both recast for the second go-round), but for Sin City fans the belated sequel is a welcome return to Miller’s ultra-hard-boiled world, and the title story strand, with Sin City newbies Josh Brolin and Eva Green, is to die for.

EXTRAS A far cry from the picture-in-picture marvel of Sin City’s best home editions, this has a half-hour press conference with key cast and crew, intercut with behind-the-scenes footage and talking heads, plus four perfunctory character pieces, and five-minute featurettes covering makeup and stunts.

FILM ★★★



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Empire and Time Out film critic, screenwriter of award-winning drama "Where the Road Runs Out", and MD of movie marketing agency Synchronicity, and author of books about Kubrick, Lynch and films that were never made.

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