Young And Innocent (★★★★★ Empire Blu-Ray Review)

YoungandInnocentSquareA man wrongfully accused of something beastly would become a staple of Alfred Hitchcock’s oeuvre, but rarely was such a serious plot – an innocent man (Derrick de Marney) accused of a young woman’s murder – served up in such agreeably playful fashion as in this pre-war suspense thriller from Our Alf, made in Britain between Sabotage and The Lady Vanishes. Known in the US as The Girl Was Young, it’s a ripping yarn that has aged better than many other early Hitchcocks (heroine Nova Pilbeam, in particular, gives a remarkably contemporary performance), and the restoration is stunning.

EXTRAS A 25-minute doc about Hitchcock’s pre-war films, strictly for the uninitiated.

FILM ★★★★★



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