The Turning (★★★★ Empire Review)

TurningSquareAn anthology of subtly interlinked short Australian films, adapted from Tim Winton’s short story collection, each intended to represent a turning point in the lives of its diverse cast of characters.

Portmanteau films can be tricky, unless the disparate stories are somehow woven together, as in Short Cuts, or this anthology of adaptations of the subtly interlinked stories comprising acclaimed Australian author Tim Winton’s elegiac short story collection. Each adaptation (including those by actors Wasikowska and Wenham) captures the yearning, regret and melancholy of the stories – Byrne is particularly outstanding as a woman who escapes an abusive husband and finds solace in the arms of another man: Jesus – so it’s a pity that several of the segments have been shed on the way to the UK: perhaps they were considered too (unapologetically) Australian.

Aussies assemble! A wealth of Antipodean talent bring their ‘A’ game to this melancholic, anthological adaptation of short stories by acclaimed Aussie author Tim Winton. Warning: you may need something less depressing (say, some Nick Cave tunes) to cheer yourself up afterwards. ★★★★


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