Good People (★★ Empire Review)

GoodPeopleSquareAmericans Tom (Franco) and Anna (Hudson) are spiralling into bankruptcy while renovating their London home, so the discovery of a bag of money seems to solve all their problems. Spending some of it, however, draws the attention of a wily detective (Wilkinson) and some dangerous drug dealers (Omar Sy, Sam Spruell) in this lacklustre would-be suspense thriller from Danish director Genz (The Killing, Borgen). Ordinary folk finding a stash of cash is a staple of suspense cinema, but the best ones (Shallow Grave, A Simple Plan, No Country for Old Men) work because we care about the characters. Here, Tom and Anna are so thinly sketched that by the time the painfully slow set-up starts to pay off, we no longer care who does what to whom, or why.

The meagre novelty of Franco and Hudson in a gritty London suspense thriller soon wears off, evaporating into yet more evidence that bad movies happen to good people.


About David Hughes: Published Work

Empire and Time Out film critic, screenwriter of award-winning drama "Where the Road Runs Out", and MD of movie marketing agency Synchronicity, and author of books about Kubrick, Lynch and films that were never made.

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